OBJECTIVE : To create a video that captures the brand story and unique service offering of Birdiebox. This 2-3 minute video will be informative and hit all key brand elements while remaining stunning and cinematic. The goal is to get the viewer excited about the service and to leave them feeling that Birdiebox is an incredible value add to their business.


  • Interviews with founders, which will guide most of the narrative element of the video

  • Hero shots of completed boxes with luxury packaging, branding and personalization

  • Footage of box being put together and customization of the boxes in the warehouse

  • On-screen text or narration to support the story of the brand.

  • Images or footage from past events or archives


What is Birdiebox?

  • Introduction to the brand and its services

  • Hero shots of boxes and hyper-lapses mixed with slow motion cinematic imagery

  • Shots of founders speaking into the camera. One front angle and a second angle from the side with a bit of movement

How can it help streamline your gifting experience?

  • Visually show key elements and value adds of Birdiebox: list of products to select from, packaging and shipping, personalization, luxury aspect, convenience, etc



  • Interviews with clients about their experience


  • Hero shots of the boxes

  • Hyper-lapses and Time-lapses from the warehouse

  • Closing statements from founders


Option 1: Use fast paced editing, and on screen text to support the structure of the video. Treat it similar to the following videos:


Option 2 : calmer more informative tone similar to this:


but treated cinematically, closer to this video:


Stylistic elements in both optons : Use of hyper-lapses and time-lapses as stylistic elements

Stopmotion Example:

Warehouse personalization inspiration: