OBJECTIVE : To create video and social content at and around the Carolina Herrera Fall / Winter 2019 NYFW show.


  • Preview/Making of Video

  • Hero Video showcasing collection with model

  • Show Video



  • 1. Show one dress being made from concept to completion. We would start with visuals of a sketch and transition into fabric being rolled out, put down and cut. We see the fabric being sewn and adjusted on a mannequin. We see it continue down the process of being constructed and fully finished. End on a scene where a store manager is hanging it on a rack in a CH store. Alternatively, we can finish on a model wearing it and posing. This would be edited with fast cuts to inspirational and upbeat music.

  • 2. Shoot various scenes in the Atelier of the collection being constructed and use split screen (visual references below) and enhanced sound to showcase the fast-paced energetic nature of a collection coming to life. We would show mood boards and sketches, things being pinned to a wall, inspiration images etc. Similar to last season just with split screens as a visual tool to tell the story.


  • 1. Designer Wes Gordon creates a collection. We start with a visual of Wes in his office, he’s sketching various pieces of the collection, flipping though art books, pinning things to the wall. As we continue to see him finish up a sketch the camera dives into the sketch with a specific transition which reveals the dress on a live model. We see her pose and move around whimsically in the show room. At the end we see Wes walking down the hallways with the showroom door slightly opened and Wes catches a glimpse of the models spinning, dancing around in her own little world. Cut to Black. We can use a sketch artist on all the close-ups if Wes isn’t comfortable sketching himself or to take the least amount of his time possible.

  • 1b. A simpler version of the above idea: Split screen side by side of a dress being sketched next to model posing in that dress. On the left side we see a page go from blank to a full sketch of a look, on the right side a model posing in that dress in the showroom. With the model imagery we can start with extreme close-ups and details, then slowly move the frame out to reveal the full look just as the sketch finishes on the left side. Does not need to include Wes as we can use a sketch artist and keep the frame tight the entire time.

  • 2. Hire dancers instead of models and create a more performative visual experience. We can shoot with a couple of dancers in the showroom, moving around in different dresses. We can treat it to be fluid and dreamy or more fast paced and GIF-y.


•3. Product-focused narrative: We showcase dresses on models standing in front of vibrant colorful seamless or seamless made from the pattern they are wearing. Shoot high energy beautiful moments and use split screen as a visual tool to treat the video.



  • 1. Take the Sketching idea from above and go from sketch to runway. We can start with shots of Wes in his office sketching and see that come to life on the runway. The audience watches the collection go from the mind of the designer to the runway.

  • 2. Continue with the idea of cutting from Atelier to runway and back, but use split screen to show outfits being stitched and worked on alongside the runway footage a few times throughout the video.

  • 3. Shoot a model wearing key pieces from the collection in the same gallery the runway show will happen in. Model would pose and move around the gallery whimsically and we would cut that with the runway footage. Going from a runway full of audience members to the same gallery empty with the model showcasing highlight pieces from the collection.