SociaL VIDEO Proposal

OBJECTIVE : To create a hero video and smaller social vignettes that tell the story of Club Monaco’s February Collection.



Explore the idea that the world is ever-changing but what keeps you grounded - your foundation - are the things that stay the same. Your body changes and so do the things you believe in, but who you are doesn’t change. Our environment, our goals, trends, our relationships are always evolving. However, our sense of wonder and connection with our loved ones stay the same. We can draw a parallel to the the essentials in your closet and their importance: within the chaos of your ever changing life these essentials bring comfort and confidence. It's the foundation that allows your style to run freely. It makes you who you are. 

We can drive this concept with a piece written that verbalizes the idea poetically and use it as voiceover. Alternatively, we can boil it down to a few basic phrases and words and use text on screen to communicate. 

The visuals would include moments in-studio with models playful and full of life mixed in with calmer more cinematic video portraits. 

Additionally, we can consider asking models to provide footage of their younger selves to cut into the video. This would create a sense of intimacy and support the idea of change and growth. 

Upbeat and inspirational music would support the energy of the video.


Explore the idea of movement forward as a narrative tool. 

In addition to shooting in the studio we would take each model outside and film following them from behind, down a street, symmetrically positioned in the center. We cut back and forth between the models in the studio and on the street. We would never reveal a wide shot of the full look in-studio but in the street all models spin around to reveal the full look. we’d close the video with all looks being revealed one after another. 

Upbeat and inspirational music would support the energy of the video.


Draw a parallel between what we find essential to our life and essentials of our wardrobe. 

It would be a mix of video moments in-studio with models being playful and full of life as well as the calmer more cinematic video portraits. 

Voiceover poetically speaks about the essentials of life: love, friendship and happiness. The simplest of all things and the incredible impact they have on us.  

Fun, whimsical music would support the energy of the video.


Explore the idea of the seasons changing, signaling the beginning of a new year to create a foundation for your wardrobe. 

We would use black and white visuals slowly turning to fully vibrant color as a tool to represent the change from winter to spring. 

Fun, whimsical music would support the energy of the video.


  • Studio setting with models highlighting key pieces in the collection.

  • Video clips will be shot as moving portraits similar to the classic imagery in the reference deck.

  • Use stabilizer to support the camera moving in, out and around the subject with a cinematic treatment that flows from slowmotion to real-time with some speed ramping.

  • Models to pose classically with a bit of movement we can cut this with shot of the models moving more fast paced and playfully, here we can mix in some detail shots as well.


We can edit this together with simple cuts and make it feel close to the reference images or we can treat the content captured in the following ways:

Option 1 : Split Screen

Use Split Screen as a narrative and stylistic element for the videos.


OPTion 2: Video be much more about movement and performance. blend cinematic movements with a gif like Quality to it.

This will depend heavily on model performance.

Option 3: use glitch as a stylistic element.

This feels a bit off brand but you can let us know.

Reference Videos